🏴‍☠Premium quality man's T-shirt «Black Metal ist Krieg» with the front print of the Black Metal Warrior with the inscription: "Against the modern Music (BM)".

⏳Initially the Black Metal was pretty militant and radical, due to the Actions and Ideologies associated with the genre. Many artists express extreme anti-Christian, Luciferian and misanthropic views, advocating various forms of Satanism or Paganism. In the 1990s, members of the norwegian black scene were responsible for a spate of church burnings and murders. There was also a strong NS movement within black metal scene. Generally, black metal was underground, inaccessible to the modern mainstream, but look now on this shit.

🏴‍☠On the back there is inscription: "Black Metal ist Krieg".

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The «Black Metal ist Krieg» T-shirt

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  • 💀Classic fit. If you prefer loose fit, choose a larger size.

    💀Color: Black

    💀Material: 97/3% cotton with elastan.

    💀Density: 180 gr.

    💀Washable at 40 degrees.

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